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Jack Series: Jack of Spades [3/4]

Original Post Date: August 2011

Rating: U / G

Characters/Pairings: Jack, Toshiko (Gwen, Owen, Ianto mentioned)

Warnings: None.

Notes: The fourth in my 'Jack' series, an exploration of just how damned common the name Jack is in children's stories, songs and general English-speaking culture though Captain Jack Harkness himself. Third in a mini sub-series of four about Jack's relationship with each member of the team.

Beta'd by Jamie, likeitisntso. Many thanks for all her help with this one.

Summary: "
In the time Jack gave Toshiko to recover from her UNIT imprisonment, the Captain taught his newest recruit to play cards."

I am making no money from this, all characters and ideas belong to their original creators, no harm intended.

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The Spades count for more, that suit’s the highest in this game…

In the time Jack gave Toshiko to recover from her UNIT imprisonment, the Captain taught his newest recruit to play cards.

You put either one higher or one lower, then you can turn over the next one on your pile…

She learned quickly – it was all logic and maths, after all – and it wasn’t long before she could beat Jack easily at most of the games he’d taught her.

Yeah, you want to try and make twenty one…

The cards they played with were odd, Tosh had always thought. The designs were non-standard, definitely. Taking a moment outside of the logic of the game, Tosh had studied the wonderful portraits which served as Knave, Queen, King and Joker. She knew Jack had seen her do so, but he said nothing.

It had lead her – lying awake at night, thinking, as she was prone to do – to consider what the team’s positions would be in a pack of cards.

Owen, the King. King of the Weevils.

Gwen, the Queen. If any of them held court, it was Gwen.

Ianto, the Joker. The unexpected one.

It was for herself and Jack that Tosh had become stuck.

It shouldn’t have mattered, but once she’d started on something, she had to finish it. The next morning, Jack himself gave Toshiko the answer.

“Toshiko Sato, computer Ace,” and Jack, the Knave. Cheeky, charming and well… no one but Jack could claim to be a Jack.

 Jack of Hearts, Jack of Clubs, Jack of Spades, Jack of Diamonds



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